2021 Profits Pledge

Jewelry.sex has pledged to donate all profits for the remainder of 2021 to Pineapple Support in order to fund mental healthcare for sex workers. The following are important details we provide in the nature of transparency.

Duration of pledge: August 30th, 2021-December 31st 2021 (11:59pm mountain time USA).

Profit determination: The owners will donate what would otherwise be their profit on all physical items sold during the promotional period. This amount will be determined by subtracting the cost of materials, utilities, 3rd party laborers, 3rd party services, shipping, advertising and any tax obligations from the amount spent by customers on physical goods from jewelry.sex during the promotional period. Gift card purchases will be accounted for as they are redeemed for physical goods and not before. The owners pledge to take no salary or monetary profit from the sale of physical goods on jewelry.sex through the promotional period.

Donation date: The donation from the promotion will be made by February 1st, 2022 barring any act of God, legal prohibition, or change in the status of good standing of Pineapple Support. In such an event the owners will make every attempt to complete the donation as quickly as possible. The owners of Jewelry.sex reserve the right to select a different charity of their choosing in the event of closure, decertification or reputational damage of or to Pineapple Support.